Taiko Saito (mallets)

Niko Meinhold (piano)

An unusual duet between East and West, modern classical and jazz; Taiko Saito and Niko Meinhold’s music is nuanced and impressionistic, masterly and mystifying, sensitively imprinted with their own finely etched personalities.”








“… With just two percussive instruments, it is a minor miracle how these musicians keep the listener’s interest. … It reminds us that if you want to get someone to listen, whisper.” (George Harris – All About Jazz)

“… a duo of two marked and outstanding personalities who in no phase need a noisy self-presentation but project but extend beyond themselves into an independent world of sound of their own. …” (Tobias Böcker – Jazz Zeitung, Germany)

“In mood it’s somewhat reminiscent of Corea/Hancock’s Crystal Silence, with the qualifications that that implies; delicate, often quite beautiful. …” (Ray Comiskey – The Irish Times)